The Pür Blanc Story

Hi, my name is Justin, the owner here at Pür Blanc Fine Auto Spa and I would love to share with you the story that inspired me to get in this field!

Pür Blanc Fine Auto Spa started with a vision; actually, a vision that was seen long before I even knew what detailing was to begin with

Let me explain

I grew up around cars my entire life, whether it was little hotwheels, video games or even in the family. A lot of my family members were car enthusiasts with unique vehicles. Playing Need for speed for most of my childhood, I spent most of my time customizing my cars to what I considered "perfection".

That's when I knew that I wanted to work on cars as a career when I grow up, it was a dream to work on the best cars out there making them look the best they can.

I was in school for Automotive Business Management when I actually started detailing on the side for fun, after a friend had introduced me to the industry. As the years went by, I got more and more interested in this field and decided to invest more time researching how to get the best results possible. As I did more jobs, my experience gained me trust from clients who then referred me to their friends and family members. Now at least two thirds of my business is repeat clients and referrals that I've earned from happy trusting customers. Despite today's world heavily relying on digital media for advertising, I mainly rely on organic growth through your repeat business and referrals; so far its been a success!

As the business grows, we hope to create VIP events such a car cruises, exclusive meets and so on!

We look forward to hear from you soon with hopes of developing a long lasting relationship taking care of your pride and joy!