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Light - 1 Step Polish

Remove the hazy paint surface. Ideal for short term needs

  • 6 hr
  • Starting at $350
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

With an over saturated market filled with multiple detailers in every corner offering misleading services, it's difficult for consumers to know what's right for their vehicle. Many offer budget friendly polishes at a very competitive price convincing consumers that they're getting an amazing deal from the next shop when in fact you're not. However, we're willing to enter that aggressive market with this package while offering that same price and level of quality since that seems to fit many people's needs; which is fine. Except we'll be very honest and up front about it, it offers nowhere near the same results as our proper polish or paint correction services. We just like to use this opportunity to explain that this is more of a temporary fix and won't properly cut through the swirls and scratches like our real 1-2+ step corrections. It will more so mask micro swirls and cut through the hazy dull finish. While this will in fact make your vehicle look significantly better once completed (since it mainly fills in the micro swirls/scratches), it's unfortunately going to wear off over time whether you maintain it properly or not causing the rough surface you were trying to get rid of to reappear again. Essentially, this is ideal for someone who wants to sell their vehicle without spending too much money on it or someone looking for a quick refresh on a budget. Here's what's included: - Strip old wax - Decontaminate paint - Claybar to remove stubborn contaminants and smooth out the paint surface - 1 step filler polish - Wheel faces cleaned - Window exterior cleaned Add window repellent on your windshield for $30 + $30 for 2 side windows and rear windshield + $50 for 4 side windows and rear windshield + $70 for 6 side windows and rear windshield The price of this package is priced at $350 for cars $450 for SUV's, trucks and minivans Get $100 off when you book 2 vehicles on the same day at the same location

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 48 hours in advance otherwise a cancellation fee of $100 per half day (4 hours) slots may apply.

Contact Details

(647) 291-0222

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