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Protect - Exterior IGL Ceramic Coating

Trained and certified by IGL

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Service Description

Here at Pür Blanc, we're proud to say that we are a part of the IGL coating family! After years of working on premium vehicles, we got to experience the durability and performance of multiple ceramic coatings. Because our client base depends on us to give their vehicles the best treatment possible, we had to carefully choose a premium quality (not just name!) coating that performed as good as a premium coating should and IGL Ceramic Coatings did just that. With that said, we offer 1 to 5 year warrantied paint coatings - 1 Year Coating for a car with a 1 stage is $700 or $800 for a bigger vehicle like an SUV, Pickup truck or Van. Add $300 for a 2 stage correction. - 3 Year Coating for a car with a 1 stage is $1000 or $1100 for a bigger vehicle like sn SUV, Pickup truck or Van. Add $250 for a 2 stage correction. - 5 Year Paint Coatings for a car with full Correcting starts at $1500 or $1600 for SUV's. - Wheel Ceramic Coatings are $250 - Window Ceramic Coating is $150 for cars and pick-up trucks or $180 for SUV's/Vans - Plastic Trim Coating prices depend on surface area. $100 for smaller pieces like trim on an e39 M5 or at $300 for Bronco plastic hard-tops - Headlight Coatings $50 without restoration, $100 with restoration What is ceramic coating? In the most simplified term possible, it's glass. It's a chemical that starts off in liquid form, but once dried, it turns into a layer of glass. That's why it gives you that insanely glossy glass look once installed! The benefits? Other than having an extremely shiny car, it will help protect it by preserving its rich deep color that was achieved after we've paint corrected it. Want to read more benefits? Here's a long list of even more protection that IGL coatings offer to help keep your vehicle looking its best! - Bird droppings - Insect acid - Tree Gum - Road grit, salt, traffic film & tar - Brake dust - Rust - Temperature cycles - Micro marring - Chemicals - Mineral deposits - UV & sunshine - Acid rain & other atmospheric pollutants - Industrial fallout It doesn't just stop here! While IGL is amongst the top players in the premium ceramic coating industry, it's also eco friendly! Meaning that, if you care about the health of your installer and the products used for your coating, IGL is a clear winner in that segment! Have more questions? Feel free to contact us and we'll gladly assist you until we turn all of the cloudy question marks in your mind into clear answers!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 48 hours in advance otherwise a cancellation fee of $100 per half day (4 hours) slots may apply.

Contact Details

(647) 291-0222

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